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Utility Systems

& Microgrid

Our team has hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of California and the western electrical grid, encompassing
all aspects of the energy industry. We have carefully integrated a balanced group who help find creative, cost-efficient and innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs. .

The Best Tools
Solutions Available

Our team of engineers are entrusted by our clients to provide honest, reliable and technical expertise to ensure a project meets the specifications and deliver as designed. 


We work side by side with utility operators and engineers to design, test and implement the best solutions available. Our role is to ensure that venders are providing the best and most cost effective solution to the utility operators, plant operators and commercial/ industrial complex personnel. 

Utility Systems & Microgrid Projects

Implementing the best software and strategies available.

In order for utilities, or commercial and industrial complexes to manage their daily energy supply to
meet their demand, effective and efficient systems and tools must be implemented based on detailed
operational and economic analysis designed to determine how best to minimize energy costs.


Systems and Services

  • Utility grid applications (State Estimator, Power Flow, Load Forecast, Security Constrained Economic Dispatch). This is where the content goes. Currently this is place holder content, not actual content.

  • Scheduling and Bidding Systems. This is where the content goes. Currently this is place holder content, not actual content.​

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