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ZGlobal Retained by Greenleaf Power to Assess Feasibility of Re-powering Project

Greenleaf Power LLC is a leading provider of renewable energy in North America, with headquarters in Sacramento. Greenleaf Power owns and operates 135 megawatts (MW) of dependable generation, fueled by sustainable biomass material. Greenleaf Power collects residual biomass material from agricultural, construction, demolition, landfill, and timber industries and converts that biomass into carbon-neutral electricity for sale to municipal, public power, and investor-owned utilities.

ZG was retained to assist in determining the feasibility of repowering Greenleaf Power’s biomass generation and adding energy storage at various locations such as its Desert View plant in Coachella Valley and Blue Diamond in Lassen County, California. The scope ranges from permitting, interconnection, and engineering, to economics and levelized cost of energy over the life cycle.

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