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ZG Helps Green the New Imperial Valley Food Bank Amid Pandemic

ZGlobal Power Engineering and Energy Solutions (ZG) is pleased to announce the completion of the first phase of a solar installation at Imperial Valley Food Bank that will generate 585 kilowatt-hours (KWh) from rooftop photovoltaic panels. Once the second phase of the (200 KWh) project is completed in 2021, the Food Bank will save more than $500,000 in energy costs.

The cost savings come at a critical time for the Food Bank as it is serving more clients than ever before with layoffs and business closures continuing in Imperial Valley due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rooftop solar plant installed on the Imperial Valley Food Bank’s new building was completed Sept. 1, 2020 and will help address the growing needs of the community. According to the California Employment Development Department, Imperial County’s 26.8% unemployment rate ranks as one of the highest unemployment regions in California, as of July 1, 2020[1].

To help fund the new building, ZG pledged more than $275,000 over a five-year period as part of the Food Bank’s Capital Campaign in addition to installing the rooftop solar project at cost. Additionally, and at cost, ZG is embarking on an innovative “microgrid” project at the facility that will create additional zero-carbon electricity, while allowing the Food Bank to operate off-the-grid during outages.

With an office in the region, ZG has contributed to the local economy for 15 years, providing engineering services to more than 1,250 megawatts of clean energy projects, including 20 megawatt-hours of energy storage as well as key transmission projects to further green the grid and enhance reliability.

“Our commitment to Imperial County speaks for itself,” said ZG President and CEO Ziad Alaywan. “We have established an office in Imperial County, generated jobs by hiring locally, established training and apprenticeship programs, and provided significant scholarships funds in tens of thousands to local students accepted into Stanford, University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University as well as Imperial Valley College and Calexico Schools.”

“ZG was there from day one to jump in and provide the initial financial support and continues to be one of our top three supporters to make the dream of a modern, energy efficient and green building come through,” said Sara Griffen, executive director of the Imperial Valley Food Bank.

ZGlobal Inc. is a power engineering consultancy firm staffed by veterans of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) and various California utilities. We offer full-service start-to-finish solutions for our clients looking for system planning and expansions to support growing load and for the interconnection of generation resources to design all the way through full operations. We apply our cutting-edge advisory services related to the development of an asset and strategically place our staff of engineers, market analysts, energy schedulers and industry leaders, who are proven strategic advisors.

ZG currently manage the 24x7 delivery of energy to over 58 cities, and counties in California, Oregon and Baja California in Mexico. For more information please visit:

Imperial Food Bank is an independent, nonprofit charitable corporation, created and operated for and by residents of Imperial Valley with the purpose of feeding those in need living in Imperial County. The Food Bank was established in 1991 and over the years has grown in size, structure, and purpose responding to the increased need for food assistance by Imperial County residents experiencing hunger. Limitations at its aging facility forced the Food Bank to raise funds to build a larger, energy-efficient and food safe storage facility to continue to serve the unique needs of the food insecure in Imperial County.

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