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ZG Expands and Enhances Portfolio Management Services Platform Access and Analytics

ZG made a significant investment in its portfolio management services platform EGRID 2.0 and entered into an 8-year contract with Power Settlements to augment its Scheduling, eTagging, Bidding and Settlement system (SEBS system).

The augmented system will triple ZG’s capacity and provide an environment for future growth. The first phase of the augmented system has already been successfully implemented and is operational as of February 1st when ZG added its newest client Peninsula Clean Energy.

ZG has also reached an agreement with Centroid and Oracle ( to purchase an analytics server, database, and hosting services to perform all analytical work using Oracle Analytics Server. This will allow ZG to give clients remote access to their reports “online” and retrieve their energy schedules, consumption, and energy cost data in real time. It will also automate the calculation and daily energy market costs, net positions, metered data, and forward hedge performance.

ZG’s vision is to enhance and scale our portfolio management services platform EGRID 2.0 and it is made available to clients.

ZG is currently performing various portfolio management services for over 3,400 MW of California load and 4,600 MW of generation in California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.

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