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ZG Providing SMUD Engineering Services for Storage Facilities throughout Sacramento, California

ZG is providing economic and engineering services to SMUD to develop multiple large solar and battery storage facilities in the Sacramento area.

ZG’s experience in energy storage dates back to the 1980s when ZG principals tested, commissioned, and operated PG&E’s 1,200 MW Helms Pumped Storage Plant in the Fresno area.

Subsequently, ZG performed economic analysis for a 1,100 MW hydro pumped storage project at the California Department of Water Resources’ Oroville-Thermalito Complex in Northern California. More recently, ZG Engineers designed, implemented, and managed four Lion Energy storage projects in Southern California totaling 70 MWh. Currently, ZG is providing economic, reliability and engineering services for over 1,500 MW of solar/storage projects in California.

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