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NewSun Cascade Development Services LLC Retains ZGlobal to Help Assess Project Feasibility

ZG is the scheduling coordinator for NewSun, which is developing multiple projects (roughly 600 MW of solar and or storage) in central Oregon. ZGlobal will expand services in 2022 to provide the following:

• Optimal revenue assessment to determine the potential revenue from the solar and storage projects (including capacity additions) over a 10- to 15-year period. ZG will utilize a production cost simulation (PLEXOS) that can model battery storage parameters and charge/discharge efficiency and other operational constraints. The objective function of the modeling will be to determine the optimal dispatch for the project(s) to maximize energy deliveries during specific times of the day, given forward market prices and other transmission costs if applicable.

• Evaluate potential revenue for the project and location based on historical pricing and forward price outlooks (up to 10 years) for energy. Historical pricing will provide a benchmark given the relevant historical market and operating conditions. Results will include a quantitative and qualitative discussion about the drivers for the revenue as well as how future policies or differing operating conditions may impact those revenues and include quantitative analysis and discussion of optimal dispatch results.

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