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ZG responded to CPUC's questions in regard to various policies shaping California's Integrat

ZG responded to the CPUC’s Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Julie Fitch questions in regard to various policies shaping California’s Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) efforts. The ALJ’s identification of five areas of risk associated with the dominance of solar and battery storage resources selected for the proposed Reference System Portfolio (“RSP”) has a lot of merit. ZG specifically urged the ALJ, in the selection of resources the state should consider procuring, and to specifically focus on operational feasibility, portfolio diversity and the need to incorporate clean but non-intermittent resources such as geothermal and pumped storage hydro into the RSP to provide diversity and power system stability with dispatchable resources to mitigate the uncontrolled energy production of fuel-uncertain resources.

ZG is assisting Western Grid and Nevada Hydro in their comments that off-shore wind and linking northern and Southern California through a submarine cable and a Hydro Pump Storage should be considered as an alternative in the CPUC procurement plans:;

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