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New California Offshore Wind Project Hires ZGlobal for Engineering Services

ZGlobal has begun providing engineering services to the Cal Energy Development Company, LLC (“CEDC”) for the development of an approximately 200-mile, high-voltage transmission project off the Central Coast of California that will feature an HVDC offshore transmission cable system, consisting of two circuits, with a total anticipated offshore wind farm transfer capacity of up to 3,500MW (the “Cal Transmission Project” or “Cal Transmission”).

The connection to Ormond Beach will total 1,500 MW as a first phase and 2,000 MW to the Diablo Canyon Power Plant (“DCPP”) in the second phase. CEDC submits this project for consideration in the 2018-2019 California Independent System Operator (CAISO) transmission planning cycle. Cal Transmission will provide reliability and economic benefits for the state’s customers and will support the public policy development of a new offshore wind industry.

Upon completion of the project, Cal Transmission will turn over operational control to the CAISO on an open-access basis as a common carrier.

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