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ZGlobal’s Accurate Load Forecasting Leads to Happy LSE’s

ZGlobal announced an increase to its Energy Scheduling and Portfolio Management services, with the full deployment of Phase 2 or Silicon Valley Clean Energy’s (SVCE) Community Choice Aggregation program. SVCE launched Phase 1 in April 2017, and steadily increased its load from 200 MW to 750 MW, which represents nearly 231,000 customer accounts with an annual load of 3,600 GWh’s. similar increase was seen by other load Serving Entities clients.

ZGlobal presented the results of its successful management of our load serving entities’ portfolio, which included a critical measure to minimize their reliance on the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) market. By matching the load and supply on the day ahead, it mitigated our Load Serving Entities to not be subject to unknown real-time energy prices. ZGlobal is proud to report that out of $105 million transactions, less than $300,000 or 0.3% was subject to real time pricing. This translate to 99.72% accuracy in forecasting our client’s loads. This is well below the 3% to 5% industry average.

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