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Rany Oleiwan

Power System Engineer

Rany is a Power System Engineer with a focus on transmission planning and field engineering for ZGlobal.  He conducts highly complex engineering studies of the transmission systems within WECC and focuses on processes and procedures to interconnect to the California grid. Rany has prepared several power flow and stability data models to meet CAISO and other California utility’s study requirements and performs steady state, short circuit, PV/QV and transfer limit analyses. He also performs deliverability assessments to determine impacts of new generation and transmission projects on the grid. Rany assesses the production of our solar projects by running the expectations on PVSYST and designs the site layouts for new projects. In addition, Rany also coordinates IT support for the company.

Prior to joining ZGlobal, Rany worked for the CSEM “Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology” in optimization of solar cell performance, and the construction of PV-module for a stratospheric plane using renewable energy (SolarStratos Project).



Rany Oleiwan holds a Bachelor of Science in Microtechnology and electronics from “Haute-Ecole ARC” from Neuchatel, Switzerland and is currently in his last semester to receive a Master of Science degree from Sacramento State University in Electrical Engineering.

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