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Power Engineering

Our engineers expose technical and financial hurdles which provide a clear picture, to aid the decision-making process. 

Power Engineering

Leading Energy Solutions

in a Competitive Marketplace

Our team of engineers are entrusted by our clients to provide honest, reliable and technical expertise to ensure a project meets the specifications and deliver as designed. 


"ZGlobal is my go-to solution for engineering study consulting. Their

efforts have helped us successfully navigate through some challenging interconnection issues at CAISO and PJM. They are always quick to respond and very helpful."

Michael King, Managing Partner

Apex Power Group


Energy focused. Market driven.

We take an active role by teaming with our clients from planning, financing and implementation. 
The expertise and depth of industry knowledge makes our engineers well positioned to advise
our clients on their projects. Additionally, we provide third party engineering assessment for due diligence efforts and use industry leading technology to ensure our clients get the most from
our services.

Planning and Studies

  • Transmission and distribution planning

  • Site assessments

  • Power flow analysis and feasibility studies

  • System impact and facility studies

  • Renewable generation and energy storage integration

  • Regulatory assessments

  • Generation interconnection support

  • Curtailment and deliverability analysis

Design and Analysis

  • Preliminary design and engineering

  • Independent engineering analysis

  • System protection coordination

  • Reactive power and short circuit analysis

  • Transmission path rating

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Provide expert interconnection services.

  • In-house power flow, dynamic voltage and stability analysis (PSLF) expertise.

  • Provide third party engineering/owner engineering representation.

  • Full service solutions from planning to full operations.

  • Perform independent analysis for project financing.

  • Close proximity to, and strong relationship with, CAISO.

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