ZGlobal strives to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for our clients. Our cutting-edge clients turn to ZGlobal for their energy scheduling, and portfolio management needs.

Scheduling Experience

You Can Depend on, 24-7.

We utilize and provide comprehensive business experience and tools designed to support scheduling and operational needs. 

“We engaged ZGlobal as our Scheduling Coordinator for well over two years. During this time, the entire company has performed all of its duties (market sales, invoicing, energy payments, communications on our behalf with the CAISO) in the most prompt, accurate, and professional manner on 24/7 basis. They have truly gone above and beyond to provide guidance and explanations of various financial transactions as well as respond to and resolve unanticipated emergency events.
I absolutely give ZGlobal my highest recommendation."


David S. Lamm, Energy Scheduling Manager

H-H Management

Customized Services to Exceed Client Objectives.

We provide value to our clients by offering an integrated operations service that leverages
the insight gained by our team's depth and breadth of industry experience. We utilize and provide comprehensive business experience and tools designed to support scheduling and operational needs. Our services are custom designed to satisfy the objectives of our clients.

Energy Scheduling

  • CRR allocations

  • e-Tagging

  • Outage coordination

  • Forecast solar generation

  • Bilateral transactions

  • OATT schedules

  • EIM operations

  • Forecast load

  • Resource adequacy management

  • WREGIS REC accounting

  • Dynamic scheduling

Energy Settlements

  • Front, middle, and back office integration

  • Shadow settlements

  • Settlement verification and education

  • Cost allocations

ZGlobal Estimated Resource Transactions

ZGlobal Estimated Loads Transaction

ZGlobal Estimated Peak and Annual Loads

ZGlobal Transaction Volume

As of 2020

Portfolio & Risk Management

  • Portfolio modeling and optimization

  • Financial settlements and billing

  • Risk assessment and policy review

  • Operating procedure development


  • Risk policy development and implementation

  • Power purchase agreement verification and optimization

  • Portfolio performance monitoring and reporting

Benefits to Our Clients

  • 24-7 operations support.

  • Stable costs and time savings by providing scheduling services at a set monthly cost.

  • Built-in compliance by applying processes consistent with NERC standards and CAISO protocol.

  • Development and implementation of strategies designed to reduce cost and risk.

  • Access to industry-leading experts so our clients can realize inherent value of their assets. 

  • Customized software tailored to meet client needs. 

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)

ZGlobal is at the forefront of the emerging Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) movement.
CCA’s are changing the face of the energy industry, as they allow local governments to pool their electricity load and purchase or develop power on behalf of its residents and businesses. The secured power most often emanates from renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar. Each CCA partners with its region’s current utility to deliver power, maintain the grid, consolidate billing and perform other customer service related functions.


ZGlobal works with CCA’s by providing necessary services required of each CCA to function as its own electricity service provider. Whether the newly formed CCA needs an assortment of services or a select few, ZGlobal’s customized solutions are the choice of established and emerging CCA’s.

Under Management

4,654 MW



Solar & Storage =  3,379 MW

Biomass = 23 MW

Hydro = 452 MW

Natural Gas = 312 MW

Coal = 236 MW

Geothermal = 102 MW

Wind = 97 MW

Biogas = 54 MW

Energy Scheduling Clients Include:


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