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Omar Itani

Senior Power Engineer


Omar is a Senior Power Engineer with a focus on transmission planning and field engineering for ZGlobal.  Omar conducts highly complex engineering studies of the transmission systems within WECC, with a focus on California.
Omar has assisted in over 1,730 MW of generation development with a focus on processes and procedures to interconnect to the California grid. Omar has prepared several power flow and stability data models to meet CAISO and other California utility study requirements. He has performed steady state analysis, short circuit analysis, PV/QV analysis, transfer limit analysis, and variety of sensitivity analysis such as changes in generation, load, SVCs for various years and seasons. In addition, he has performed deliverability assessments to determine impacts of new generation and transmission projects on the grid.

Projects Include

Project Background: Omar has provided professional transmission engineering and planning services for several public utilities in the West and the Mid-west.

Work Performed:
•    Performed OATT studies (i.e. System Impact Studies, Facility Studies). 
•    Capital project evaluation and power flow sensitivities.
•    Base case preparation and 
•    Compliance with NERC reliability Criteria


Project Background:
•    IID-CFE proposed tie-lines analysis 
•    West of Devers 500 KV upgrades 
•    WAPA - the San Luis Transmission Project – a new 85-mile, 230-kilovolt electric transmission line.
•    Lucky corridor and Mora line Lucky Corridor’s Mora Line project is designed to carry 180 MW at 115 kV, 110              miles. The Lucky Corridor project is designed to carry 850MW at 345 kV, 62 miles. The Projects will carry                    electricity made from first-rate U.S. clean energy resources toward Four Corners and the historic grid                          emanating from that Hub.

Work Performed:
•    Omar recently performed comprehensive transmission reliability analyses including dynamic, transient, and               voltage impact of the above proposed projects.





Omar holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cal-Poly SLO and a Master of Science from Sacramento State University.

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