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Market Analytics & Asset Valuation

We combine strength and integrity on decades of experience with a modern approach to valuating any portfolio. We’re committed to growing our clients' value and continuing a steady history of strong and precise performance.

Adding Value

to Your Assets

We work with our clients to present the various potential scenarios and risks. We aim at providing viable options to balance costs, revenue, and risk.


“ZGlobal provided excellent analytical services and was able to save
us tens of millions of dollars in a very short time. Their understanding
of power system and the grid has been very critical to our electrification project.”

John Funghi, Chief Officer

Caltrain Modernization Program


Customized Analytical Services. 

Better Business Decisions.

The ZGlobal analytics team has managed and valuated asset portfolios for decades. Our experience puts us in a unique position to quantify the value of our clients’ assets and translate the data for our clients’ investment decisions. We recognize that developing, acquiring or selling capital assets is a highly complicated undertaking. We use highly proven technologies combined with customized analytics to provide our clients with solid information to evaluate their business cases.

Asset Valuation

  • Production cost and revenue modeling forecasting

  • Cost benefit analysis

  • Acquisition valuation and analytics

  • Energy, ancillary services and capacity valuation

Forecasting and Analytics

  • LMP forecasts and market assessments

  • Congestion market assessments and optimization

  • Infrastructure utilization and constraints

  • ISO market assessments

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Provide grid reliability to commercial value.

  • Determine the life cycle cost of an asset.

  • Assist clients in understanding their expected revenue.

  • Provide independent analysis of project benefits for ratepayers.

  • Perform comprehensive studies of economic and reliability benefits.

  • Help determine potential energy cost savings.

  • Provide detailed analytics and strategy development.

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