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Jack Allen,

Principal, Power System Operations

Jack Allen is a Principal to ZGlobal and brings institutional and intensive knowledge of the western interconnection. Jack started his career with Pacific Gas and Electric in the mid-1970s, and was the regional manager for PG&E transmission and distribution for Northern California’s coastal region.  In the early 1990s, Jack led the implementation and replacement of PG&E’s Energy Management and SCADA system. In late 1990s, Jack and ZGlobal CEO/President Ziad Alaywan were two of the first three employees of the California ISO and together they worked very closely to obtain California ISO Balancing Authority certification from WECC. They also led the team that designed, tested and implemented California ISO scheduling, EMS, markets, settlements, tagging and computer systems. Jack has unique expertise in system integration, Balancing Authority operation, NERC and WECC reliability and scheduling standards.

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