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Our key focus is to provide a start to finish solution for our clients. We focus on each stage of development to ensure projects are built to specifications and delivered as designed.

Full Service Solutions

For Your Assets.

ZGlobal offers a start-to-finish solution for our clients looking to develop an asset, from pre to post development and anywhere in between.


“ZGlobal’s institutional knowledge in the western energy market is matchless. They are experts with hands-on experience relating to power engineering and have a deep understanding of how the economics can affect the bottom line. It has been and continues to be a pleasure working with such a talented and experienced firm.”


Elias Farrah, Partner

Winston & Strawn LLP


Our team offers a broad range of experience with utilities, counties and state and federal agencies. By integrating our experienced staff, utilizing our business relationships and applying our technical knowledge, we provide fully integrated services to our clients.

We've built positive relationships with state and federal agencies, local public power and irrigation districts, regulated and non-regulated utilities, water agencies, generation owners and developers, and industry vendors to ensure our clients receive the best services possible.

Our Infrastructure Development services include planning, engineering, feasibility, cost and risk benefit, procurement, engineering, permitting, document control and procedure development based on industry best practices and operating procedures. Our services are tailored to assist our clients to maximize their performance.

Provided Infrastructure Development Services for Over 3200 MW of Generating Assets in Operation

Project Design and Implementation

  • Detail electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering

  • Environmental studies and permitting

  • Detail substation and interconnection design

  • Project costs and finance analysis

  • Site plans and elevation layouts

  • Owner's engineering

Asset Management

  • EPC contract management

  • Operations and maintenance services

  • Performance guarantees

  • 24-7 energy production monitoring

  • Power purchase agreements, contracts and compliance

  • Owner's representative

Program & Construction Management (PCM)

ZGlobal offers Program and Construction Management (PCM) services. We manage monitoring systems, project delivery and manage construction. Our PCM services manage the various activities with multiple deadlines.

  • Project planning and management

  • Change order management

  • Value engineering

  • Dispute resolution

  • Commissioning

  • Budget development

  • Design management

  • Cost management

  • Delivery and contracting strategies

  • Cost estimating

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Full service solutions from planning to full operations.

  • Detailed engineering for each project phase. 

  • Assist clients in understanding their expected revenues. 

  • Comprehensive studies of economic and reliability benefits.

  • Detailed analytics and strategy development. 

  • Independent engineering analysis for project financing.

Complete, Integrated Solutions.
Saving our Clients Time and Costs.

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