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Expert Testimony

Our team has hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of California and the western electrical grid.  We have carefully integrated a balanced group to help find cost-efficient and innovative solutions to meet our client’s needs.

Comprehensive Expertise

and Fact-Based Testimony

Clients call on ZGlobal for Expert Witness Services to provide objective, fact-based, and influential assessments in response to disputes. 


“The ZGlobal team brings a high level of technical expertise concerning the energy industry as a whole. Their knowledge has given us confidence in our portfolio and created a solid partnership between our firms.”


John R. Bobenic, President & CEO

Daytona Power Corp.


Our subject matter experts are known for their rigorous and objective analysis. We understand the urgency of court deadlines and disclosure requirements. We have a high standard of precision, and are committed to providing clients with timely analysis that is articulate, thorough, and unbiased. We have participated in numerous cases and realize what it takes for a desirable outcome.

Provided 48 State & Federal Testimonies to Date on the
Following Topics:

Reliability & Cost

  • FERC/NERC compliance

  • Project costs and benefits analysis

  • FERC transmission rates analysis

  • Transmission risk assessment

  • Root cause analysis

  • Energy and interconnection contracts

Regulatory & Rates

  • Balancing authority/grid integration

  • ISO market design and pricing

  • PUC retail rate structure analysis

  • Transmission and distribution utility tariff and rates

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Full service firm with access to industry leading experts.

  • Provide detailed analytics and strategy development.

  • Built-in compliance standards by applying processes consistent with NERC standards
    and industry protocols.


  • Assist clients in understanding potential costs savings.

  • Full engineering staff to perform independent analysis.

  • Development and implementation of strategies designed to reduce our clients cost and risk.

Demonstrating Years of Industry Expertise in

Cases Large and Small.

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