Eric Vaa

Director, Energy Scheduling

Eric is the Director of Energy Scheduling and oversees the Real-Time and Day-Ahead operations.

Eric is primarily responsible for ZGlobal’s success in scheduling client resources into Independent System Operator (ISO) organizations or the WECC bi-lateral market, executing interchange transactions between and among Balancing Authority Areas and ISOs.  Eric helps train the ZGlobal scheduling team to provide asset optimization services including; portfolio management, system monitoring, resource scheduling, and the execution of real-time energy transactions on behalf of clients. Eric also works closely with clients to help integrate new resources and ensure success into their respective market, including the CAISO New Resource Implementation process.

Projects Include

Southwest Reserve Sharing Group Administration
The Southwest Reserve Sharing Group (SRSG) selected ZGlobal though a competitive RFP to act in the role of SRSG Administrator.  The SRSG consists of roughly a dozen member utilities and generation-only balancing authorities from Texas, New Mexico, southern Nevada, Colorado and southern California.  ZGlobal’s role as SRSG Administrator is to:
     • Ensure the reserve sharing group’s obligations to meet NERC standards are satisfied on a real-time basis
     • Design and test features of the Reserve Sharing System software application used to track operating reserves          for the SRSG members real-time
     • Track costs and revenue for supplying operating reserves and energy between members
     • Provide training to members
     • Conduct quarterly operational committee member meetings
     • Conduct annual executive committee member meetings 

Operational Training
Clients routinely ask ZGlobal to provide operational and market training to plant operators so that they can better align power plant operations with CAISO grid needs and market signals.


This includes:
     • CAISO Day-Ahead and Real-Time market fundamentals
     • Timing of scheduling and outage submittals
     • CAISO settlements related to scheduling
     • NERC standards relating to generators
     • Resource Adequacy obligations
     • Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) services

WREGIS Renewable Energy Credit Tracking
For renewable energy supplies that are generated from out-of-state power plants and transmitted to California, ZGlobal works with developers and utilities to ensure that all Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and energy scheduling tags are matched in the WREGIS (Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System) to comply with REC accounting and tracking regulations.



Eric Vaa holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from California State University, Hayward as well as an Associate Degree in Psychology from Chabot Community College. Eric became NERC Certified in 2014.


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