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David Frederick

Principal Grid/Markets Analytst


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David is the Principal Grid/Markets Analyst with over 20 years in the energy industry.  David began his career in grid operations at Salt River Project where he managed the Southwest Reserve Sharing Group.  During this time, he designed and supervised the implementation of the SRSG Reserve Sharing System currently used today.  David has extensive experience drafting and administering power contracts.  After earning his NERC System Operator certification, he taught classes for NERC continuing professional education.  A member of several WECC drafting teams, David improved standards language and has extensive experience in FERC/NERC/WECC compliance issues. When SRP purchased the Gila River power plant David was responsible for the transition of all operations and contracts to SRP control, including SCADA, communications, backup power, and transmission capacity.  Working with SRP’s Resource Analysis department he evaluated renewable energy RFP responses and participated in regional planning coordination/integrated resource planning. David

has helped power marketers across WECC optimize their trading applications to maximize reliability and revenue.  

David earned degrees in Accounting from Arizona State University and Political Science from the University of Minnesota.

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