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Christine Vangelatos

Managing Director Engineering & Market Analytics

Christine Vangelatos is ZGlobal’s Managing Director of Engineering & Market Analytics. Christine has over twenty-eight years of experience in the day-to-day operations of the market and its settlements. She has extensive experience with implementing large market systems, providing market settlements design, business analysis, financial impact assessments, overseeing infrastructure development, and has thorough knowledge of CAISO Tariff. She is an expert in the CAISO Nodal Market, asset valuation, and economic analysis for a variety of generating and transmission assets. For several years Christine successfully managed CAISO settlements, totaling several hundred million dollars annually. Christine brings valuable skills in project and program management to ZGlobal, while exhibiting leadership in process reengineering and implementation, technology, and organizational change. Her years of experience provide our clients with solid energy market information that is essential when making investment decisions.


At ZGlobal, she leads a highly skilled team of engineers and analysts that develop and use various deterministic and stochastic models to perform energy market and operations analyses in support of ZGlobal’s energy scheduling and trading operations, portfolio optimization, risk management, and asset valuation assessments for clients.  Their expertise includes developing and maintaining ZGlobal’s production cost models to forecast LMPs and dispatch under varying scenarios for the CAISO energy markets.  Christine also manages ZGlobal’s settlement processes.  ZGlobal’s settlement staff has over 10 years’ experience managing energy market settlement processes, checkouts and reporting.  Also, Christine provides leadership and coordinates many of ZGlobal’s information technology implementation efforts having many years’ experience leading market and settlement application implementation projects at CAISO.


Projects Include

Ratepayer Benefit assessment and fuel burn reduction study for Stanton Electric Reliability Center

Wellhead Power Solutions LLC projects

o (Nov 2017 – Jan 2018) Stanton Energy Reliability Center LLC (“SERC”)

o (Winter 2016/2017) Wellhead Power Solutions LLC

• Developed independent Regulation and Mileage Price Forecasts for ARES Corporation (Jun/Jul 2017)

• Curtailment Study and Assessment for NRG’s Solar Plants (Aug/Sep 2017)

• LEAPS Benefit to Cost Analysis (Dec 2017 through Feb 2018)


Lake Elsinore Advanced Pump Storage (LEAPS) Benefit to Cost Analysis

In support of Affidavit of Ziad Alaywan on behalf of the Nevada Hydro Company, performed with ZG team an economic benefit analysis to calculate the net benefit of the LEAPS project for two sample years, 2026 and 2030, utilizing the CAISO’s TEAM approach and PLEXOS software. The economic benefit analysis for the LEAPS project included determination of the consumer economic benefits of the LEAPS pump storage project based on an assessment of 2026 and 2030 study years for multiple economic benefit categories including:

• Energy cost savings to consumers,

• Load following capability benefits,

• Reduced renewable energy curtailments due to overgeneration, and

• Reduced overbuild of RPS capacity to meet 50% objectives.


The assessment considered California’s policy objectives of 50% RPS by 2030 as well as lower Greenhouse Gas emissions targets. The ZG team provided technical expertise and support to LEAPS project development and legal team. This included discussion with CAISO staff regarding analysis they have performed or are currently performing. Provided project coordination and technical support of related submissions to ISO’s TP process.

Valuation Assessment for the Enhanced Gas Turbine (EGT) System

Wellhead Power Solutions LLC retained ZGlobal to perform an independent assessment and quantification of the potential economic benefits of its proposed Enhanced Gas Turbine (EGTTM) System. The objective of ZGlobal’s assessment was to quantify potential economic benefits provided by the EGTTM system:

1. Energy cost savings,

2. Ancillary Services cost savings with primary focus on benefit from spin and regulation, and

3. Emissions reduction impact.


Economic benefits were quantified by running 8760-hour production cost simulations for a near term study year to determine the least cost dispatch for the California grid.

Developed independent Regulation and Mileage Price Forecasts for ARES Corporation

Utilizing historical prices, forward curves, expectations of changes to the energy sector and grid, and production cost modeling simulations under various market scenarios, developed price forecasts for three periods, short-term (1-2 years), mid-term (3-5 years), and long-term (beyond 5-years). Prepared observations and summary to Client regarding the drivers of prices in an Executive presentation, and also provided price forecast data in MS Excel and PowerPoint slide deck describing results.

Assessment of Drivers of Potential for Curtailment for Solar Projects

ZGlobal provided a technical assessment utilizing results from 8760-production cost modeling to determine driving factors that have significant impact to prices at Pnodes associated with multiple solar projects, the likelihood of realizing those drivers over the term of the PPA and resultant risk of curtailment.

Christine and her team have performed settlements with CAISO and other bilateral counterparties for the resources under ZG management for over $2 Billion since 2012.  The graph below shows the annual volume of settled transactions:








Christine holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo as well as a Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from the University of Phoenix, Sacramento.

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