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Brian Rahman, P.E.

Executive Director Power Engineering

Brian Rahman is ZGlobal’s Executive Director of Power Engineering with over twenty-nine years of extensive experience in areas of electrical engineering, management of market systems, operations, design/technology updates, and project coordination in a variety of utility/energy-related disciplines. 

Brian brings a comprehensive understanding of utility and power system operations, both functional and financial, with experience in hydrogeneration and control area operation, financial analysis of transmission and generation, implementation of large projects and renewable integration.

Additionally, Brian has served as an expert witness on multiple occasions presenting factual arguments in support of utility customers, project developers, as well as the CAISO. With skills centered on project and program management and having worked on projects including the $100 million CAISO nodal market as the Program Manager, Brian exhibited leadership in managing large and complex engineering projects and implementation of processes, technology, and organizational change.  

Brian and his team of engineers have performed many engineering analyses for transmission, distribution and generating facilities with services that range from transmission and distribution planning, to specific studies including reactive power, short circuit, system impact and facility studies. Brian has extensive experience is providing technical testimonies at the Federal and State level, which include: 

Testimony Experience 


1. Document Title: On behalf of Aera Energy in Bakersfield, CA, Expert Witness testimony related to the viability of interconnecting a 2000 MW Solar PV Project.  Detailed reliability and interconnection analysis and testimony by Rahman, B.

Document Number: 1100088718

Date: July 2018

2. Document Title: On Behalf of the Imperial Irrigation District, Imperial Irrigation District v. California Independent System Operator Corporation. Provided testimony of Transmission Operation Between the two Balancing Authority. By Rahman, B.; USDC-Southern District 
Docket Number: 3:15-cv-01576-AJB-AGS
Date: November 2017

3. Document Title: On Behalf of Tesoro Refinery in Martinez, CA, Expert Witness testimony for the reliability of their 80 MW load. In the United States District Court, Northern District of California (San Francisco Division). Detail reliability and interconnection analysis and testimony by Rahman, B.
Docket Number: Case No. 14 CIV 00930 (JCS)
Date: July 2016

4. Document Title: On behalf of the California CPUC provided independent assessment and proposed alternatives to the proposed Ocean Ranch Substation in SDG&E area.  The proposed project was eliminated in lieu of identification of environmentally superior option.                                                                                            

Document Number: Application A.16-07-016                                                                                                  

Date: July 2016

Projects Include

Flash Studies and System Resiliency Analysis and Technical Requirements (2017 – 2018)  
ZGlobal and Bridge View Resources together were awarded a contract to perform grid reliability and resiliency analysis for Beal Air Force Base in Northern California and Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, which is home to Air Force One. 
Work Performed: Brian led a technical team and performed detailed modeling of the air base electric distribution and transmission system including all substations, flight lines, load centers, and point of supply to perform arc flash studies and system resiliency analyses. The analysis was performed on several critical armed force facilities in California, Nevada and Maryland. 

Generator Interconnection Process, Project Specification, and Technical Requirements (2007 – 2018)  
Brian has been at the forefront of the generation interconnection boom across the western united states ( NVE, CAISO, PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, IID, APS, PJM, PNM) and has assisted with hundreds of interconnection applications including preliminary technical specification of the generation/storage project and components, development of single-line drawings, site maps, complex modeling of project dynamic characteristics, and liaison with utility or transmission owner. His efforts in this area include due-diligence services including power flow analysis and system capacity assessments in the selection of points of interconnection, guidance throughout the interconnection study process, and interconnection agreement. Project technologies have included traditional gas generation, hydro generation, pumped storage, wind, PV solar, energy storage, geothermal as well as emerging technologies.

Annual Review of Southern California Edison Transmission Capital Projects for the CUPC (2015 & 2016)                 
Brian was the Principal Engineer and led the annual reviews of SCE transmission capital projects and provided power flow analysis and validation of proposed project needs. Project assessments were performed for projects exceeding $50 million and involved independent assessment of the projects and development/evaluation of possible alternatives. Efforts included coordination with CPUC and SCE to validate projects against prevailing design standards, variations in load/demand forecasts, and possible alternatives.  In both years, the assessment found projects that were deferred or canceled based on the analysis leading to a savings for SCE ratepayers.

Deliverability Assessment - Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project Impacted Generation (2010 – 2016) 
Brian performed a detailed deliverability assessment for wind and solar generation projects, existing and proposed, in the Tehachapi wind area that were exposed to potential curtailment or deliverability limits due to the construction of the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP).  The construction of the TRTP spanned multiple years and multiple configurations before completion.  The analysis considered all these variables and was refreshed several times due to changes in proposed generation and delays in completing several phases of the TRTP.  The analysis and results enabled our client to plan for and mitigate possible periods of production limitations and was used for financing purposes for project expansion efforts within the Tehachapi area. The analysis included both production cost simulations as well as power flow analysis so that both energy prices as well as the physical capacity of the system was incorporated into the overall analysis and resulting conclusions.

California Department of Water Resources – California Water Fix (2010-2017)
Brian served as Consulting Manager over engineering team in the development of dynamic models (GE_PSLF) for Tunnel Boring Machines to allow for SMUD and WAPA to perform System Impact Studies and dynamic simulations to assess possible impact to the bulk electric system. In this role, Brian provided CDWR management with guidance and support during the Study process with SMUD and WAPA, evaluated study results and recommendations to enable CDWR to meet its objectives with early phases of project work for CA Water Fix Project.  Brian has been involved with the CA Water fix project from the early stages beginning with the first System Impact Study, performed under his direction, to assess impacts and upgrades to the WAPA system required to support construction and operational power needs for the project.



Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Washington State University and is a registered Professional Electrical Engineer, State of California -   E14914.

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