Smarter Solutions for

Energy Innovators

Fifteen years ago, we set out to offer smarter energy solutions to energize a stronger grid. Today, we continue providing expertise to innovators throughout the industry who benefit from our unparalleled knowledge in an ever-changing energy environment.

What we do.


Our dynamic team of engineers, analysts, and economists have decades of experience in energy markets, grid planning,
and operations.


Our Infrastructure Development Services, range from design to build, from distributed to utility scale generation.


Our NERC certified operators

offer around-the-clock monitoring, scheduling, and settlements,
for all asset and portfolio
management needs.

"Our mission is to provide our clients a start to finish, smarter energy solution by applying our three decades of practical experience and continuously maintaining a multi-disciplined team to provide our clients the highest level of service."




Managed Kilowatts Per Hour to Date

Mindset of engineers.

Insight of economists.

Knowhow of operators.

Our interdisciplinary team delivers dynamic solutions and superior technical expertise.

We ensure energy projects are optimized for efficiency and cost savings through first-rate

industry knowledge and by challenging existing paradigms.



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